Bagshaw Group LLC is a collection of brands centered around providing great design within multiple markets. Each brand, while speaking to a specific audience, provides the highest level of quality and design to surpass their expectations.
Launched in 2011, Sherry & Morgan Bagshaw, 2nd & 3rd generation apparel decorators, founded Bagshaw Group LLC to provide brands and customers great design within the apparel and wearable advertising markets. Utilizing on-trend colors, technologies and styles we create inclusive worlds to connect with audiences all in the name of design and style. To learn more about our brands click What We Do.


What We Do

Our brands are a composite of niches centered around providing audiences beautiful, discerning style.

UXUI supplies tech events with the conference giveaways and brand building products that go viral in the physical world.
The company was built around providing retail quality style at fair prices allowing startups to best impact their customers. We take the time to learn who our customers' ideal customer is and show them the items we know they love.

Bagshaw Group Outfitters is one of the fastest growing names in corporate branded apparel. Gone are the days of useless company "chachkies" and poorly tailored employee uniforms; we make your brand the envy of your competition.

Unapologetically colorful Caribbean resortwear. Launching late summer 2014.


Knowledge Base

Connect with us and learn our tips to succesfully injecting style into your branding and marketing.

Get beautiful visual inspiration for your brand. W e encourage to share and let us know the styles your brand finds most inspiring.


Contact Us

General Inquiries

PHONE: 305-929-3800



350 N. Federal Highway Boynton Beach, FL 3345

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